Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Helmi Nakamuta (Incomplete)

So, here we have to haul some stuff through losec. Being a forever-carebear, I shudder at the thought. But let's try with this!

Well, then. "No".

Granted, I would have probably survived in this if I would actually know how to use the cloak. :)

Well then. I'll update this post later when I try again. For now, back to mining!

Kaiya Tuuri

I had a look at the next two missions, which are the last remaining for the L2 for me.

  • We can use a Drake! Huzzah!
  • We need 750m^3 cargo space.
  • We need to travel through low sec.
So, I got my Drake and some miscellaneous utilities. You know, target painter would be pretty damn useful with all the frigs flying about, though.

Community Service - Pirates at Large

Again drifter spurs! Looking at different places to get these and what else drops where, aaand the mission briefings from the Cosmos Missions 101, I'm a bit conflicted where to go. I decide for Otitoh Planet VI - Moon III. 
Ookay, the drop guide is not entirely accurate. I found the DNA we are going to need later, but got Bandit Spurs here instead of Drifter Spurs. I tried VI - II instead. I found Drifter Spurs and Outlaw Spurs at the entrance. 
After the gate there will be a lot of bandits, outlaws and drifters. This is obviously the place to farm the spurs. Be aware of the bandits. They web and scram. In fact, those bandits piss me off so much, I am going to try something weird. I'll go and get a webifier of my own and try to slow down their speed tank. At least that's what I assume that is. They are just bloody annoying to kill.

Oh... I think it actually helped. With webbing, I hit them for 215-230, instead of about 115-125. I'm impressed with my own cleverness!

Community Service - Terrorist at Large

Oh, hey. A normal deadspace encounter. We need to get some guy from Airmia. 
This was actually very easy. Three rooms with almost single hit enemies. Zarkona Mirei is in the last room. Just scoop that shit up, and head straight to drop-off at Sakkikainen.

Community Service - Important Delivery 

Simple delivery.

Community Service - Cheri Mirei 

And here I take one DNA I prepared earlier and hand it in! You can find this from Otitoh VI-III