Friday, July 5, 2013

Tekirye Awazhen

Mainly complex killing missions, whee!

Ok, this mission starts in Ishisomo, NOH Recruitment Center.

Interested in Work?

Well, funnily enough, we just need an Ancient weapon. I happened to have one extra from previous mission, so that was settled quickly!

Troubles With Outlaws

We need some miners. Apparently these can be found in Airmia - Contested Refinery Plagioclase or Scordite fields. 
The Miners drop from the Maniacs, so concentrate on looting those guys. Warning, this place also has tacklers.

We Caught a Spy... 

Simple courier. Just drop him off at the destination.

Pirates Brought to Justice

You need 5 Guristas Outlaw Dogtags for this. You may already have them, from looting random guys in previous missions, but you can find them at least at plagioclase field of the contested refinery.

Time for Goodbyes 

Simple courier. Just drop off the reports and you are done!

All in all, this quest chain was quite easy actually!