Friday, December 17, 2010

SP spent. Some mining.

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I met up with my co-workers finally. They had found an awesome hi-sec mining spot. There was tons of Omber, Kernite and Jaspet available. We mined for couple of hours. There were 4 of us mining and one dedicated hauler. Things went smoothly and dissapointingly nothing amazing happened, so I do not have a great tale of failure to tell.
My friends have a corp of their own, but I still prefer my own one man [CUX]. Perhaps I start planning trying to get some miners again to join me!

I also already spent my SP I got back from the Learning skills. I decided to use them towards Hulk skills. I am still eight days short of Barge V, but everything else is set up.
No matter, I only have 30M ISK anyway, so I still need to mine quite a bit to realize my Hulk. I'd also would like to get a Raven, which is another damn expensive ship.

I'm in no hurry with the raven thou. I have no use for it yet, as I can only access LVL1 missions and my killboard tells me I should stay the fuck out of PvP! =)
I decided to start grind my standings. First agent I had in my contacts was a Caldari navy one. I took my nearest Caracal and pummeled some droids for a few hours.
I thought perhaps it would be a good idea to concentrate on one specific corp. DCM was my newb corp, so I thought that would be a natural choice. And so I googlded a bit to figure out how to find an agent I want.
Man this game is confusing, if you are too lazy to go through the tutorial. Took me a while to figure out how to browse to Caldari alliance. From there to Deep Core Mining. To the agents page and finally figure out which one would give me missions I want.
I think I'll run quick combat missions from Security untill I get to lvl II or LVL III agents. After that, perhaps the mining missions would suit me?

Oh, righto. I checked if my neural map is sane. Well, it was pretty damn balanced. I had 3 neural remaps available, so I had a look at what I am going to learn next.
Seems that everything I want to learn in the near future requires only Perception/Willpower. I want ship skills and missiles. Therefor, I decided to do something insane! I mapped all my points to these two attributes! Yes, Everything else is at 17. I also spent half of my cash reserves on some implants.
This decision immediately cut a day and a half from my skill queue!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

How to spend those skill points

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So, I've got 3.5M total SP, of which 1.3M is in the Learning skills.

Re-spending over third of my hard earned SP should not be something I take lightly. I have been trying to think what I'd like to do with my x-mas present.

Should I get the barge skills I contemplated earlier? According to my calculations, it would take 1.8M to get all the skills for a Hulk. But do I really want to chain myself to the relatively boring occupation of drilling? I know that in short term, this would be quite wise decision, as it would be steady and safe route to acquire ISK.

Would I like to sit in The Forge and twiddle with market orders all day? Head for Trade skills! Then again, as long time readers might know. I'm a clumsy oaf when it comes to optimizing my orders. I would probably end up losing all my ISK in one swift typo one day :)

How about looking into the far future and heading for Capital Ships? Meh, forget it. I might aswell learn those at the same time I save the ISK for the actual ship.

When I last left, I seem to have had some ambitions for Production. I have found it to be so complicated, that I'm not yet ready to start producing those huge excell sheets to calculate all the shit needed for profit.

And so we have come a full circle... I think I will invest everything towards Hulk skills. That is something which will benefit me immediately. With that I would be productive while waiting for those other ambitions.

Of course, the skillpoints won't expire. So one might consider sitting on them untill a day comes you really need to sring a new skill tree FAST! :D

Loads of skills...

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While I was browsing the certification planner, I realized I was missing a lot of skills related to mining. Namely all the processing skills except for veldspar and pyroxeres.
I figured I'd like to still learn more drilling kills, so I bought those. I'd also like to use a Raven in the future, so I also bought all the skills related to missiles too.

This morning, while inspecting my skill queue, I saw that I had a ton of skill in level 0. These take so little time to get to 1, I decided to add everything to the queue.

Now I have everything from Retail to Frequency Modulation in my queue.

Anyway, perhaps today I have time to rendezvous with my co-workers in Amarr, or where ever they were running missions.

Saturday, December 11, 2010


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Well, then...

I have spent two evenings doing something fairly productive! Namely, molesting rocks.

However, this produces ultimately very little andrenaline and lulz, so I have to find something else to do. I am considering fitting a frig with some maneuvaribality mods and heading for outer ring. My plan is to smuggle out some ORE BPO's for quick profit!
More precisely, profit AND risk!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

I'm back!

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Some of my co-workers talked about EVE, and how they have started playing it.
Well, god damnit... Not again!?

Time to dust my drill bits and start molesting rocks yet again.

I just re-activated my account and had a look at my characters. I seem to have 45M total in cash and assets dumped all over the sandbox. Firs I must do an inventory and figure out most efficient route to ditch all that crap from my hangars.
The corp [CUX] is in the loving hands of my alt. Naturally, I do not have offices so I cannot reclaim Der F├╝hrer rights to the corp just yet.