Monday, April 29, 2013

Jali Tanaka

Bank Security - The Fence 

Simple courier mission. Pick up, deliver.

Bank Security - Bug Error

Need to get Broken Bug Device. Apparently these drop off of Dyklan Harrikar in Sakkikainen - Contested Kazka Headquarters. I don't know where exactly there, but we are about to find out.

Uh oh... The complex is empty of other players. Well, crap. I can't really take it alone in this Caracal. Happily enough, because of some business dealings, involving a credit card and PLEX, I have come to some money. I think it is time to fit myself a Caracal Navy Issue! Just the hull costs 67M, but, meh,. Time to upgrade my Stinger MKII to Stinger MKIII!

I hope this bastard carries me until I get the skills for Tengu.

Aaaand this isn't enough either. They just spawn too fast! I guess I'm fucked. You know what? Fuck it. Buying this piece from a contract for 10M and skiping to the next one. 

If you know from which of the gates this drops, please post it to the comments below, so others doing these missions can find the information!

Bank Security - The Safe

Simple delivery mission again. Nothing fancy. Either 12 jumps through losec or 32 jumps through hisec. 
You know what? I'm not going to fuck this up. I think I'll just choose the safe route! :)

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Mika Etsuya

I managed to blow up my Caracal and had to fit a new one. I could not loot my stuff either, so unfortunately, there went ta lot of stuff for this mission. I went for a bit different fit this time. The new Caracal is fitted with 'Arbalest' heavy launchers, Afterburner, Target painter and obvious shield tank.

On the bright side, I found a handy location guide for the COSMOS missions items. I'm now trying it to see if it is accurate.

Protecting the Vault - Stirring the Nest

Collect 30 Drifter Spurs. This will be a drag... So I had a look at the guide and one of the locations is a moon at Sakkikainen. No way?! A moon? I would have never through of that. I've never seen rats at just moons. Asteroid belts yes, but not moons.
So jump there and... Whoa! Yup, a nice pocket with Caldari Drifters here. And they drop the Spurs. So, I just camp here until I get all the spurs and off we go! 

Protecting the Vault - Bad Money

Here we need a bunch of "Bag of Counterfeit Credits". The guide tells me to look for the proper bandits in the Contested Kazka Headquarters in Sakkikainen. There are Dry River Gang members right near the warp in, so might as well stay right here. Pretty much every one of those drop 40 counterfeit credits, so this shouldn't take long.
Everything looted and heading back.

Protecting the Vault - Counterfeit Courier

As the name says, this is just a simple courier mission. Take the credits. Take them to two jumps away.

Protecting the Vault - Dry Credit Death

And again off to the contested refinery in Airmia! These should be in the plagioclase field. Perhaps in a Warehouse. Let's find out!
Yup, just wipe out everything that is on your way and head for the Warehouse. For me, the first time I blew up the silo, I got all the parts I needed.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Retin Ariato

Wiyrkomi Freelancing - Missing Weapons Stash 

Jump to Airmia - Contested Caldari Lai Dai Refinery. Kill everything to access the gates. Jump to the contested plagioclase field and camp here until you loot all the needed rifles. I had to do some kiting to survive in my Caracal, but ended up okay.

Wiyrkomi Freelancing - Another Task

Simple courier mission. Pick up stuff and drop it off.

Wiyrkomi Freelancing - An Ancient Monument 

Another couries mission. Simple enough.

Wiyrkomi Freelancing - Unsuccessful Excavation 

I had to google for a while to figure out where to find these. The lady gives very little info on where to actually go, apart from the Lai Dai refinery again. So, jump to Airmia - Contested Caldari Lai Dai Refinery. Kill everything in the first room and jump the scordite gate. The Ancient Weapon should be in one of these Silos. 

Luckily there were other players killing the same mobs. I don't think I could have handled this mission all by myself in a Caracal. 

Raidon Setala

Well, as I said, I'm doing some COSMOS mission for now. I'm currently working on the L2 missions.

I'm currently flying a Caracal, with rapid light missile launchers, MWD, and shield stuff. This seems to work fairly well for these level missions.

The Caldari Migrants - Recoinnaissance Point 1

This was pretty straight forward. Just jump to the bookmark. Kill everything. Jump gates. Loot the container.

The Caldari Migrants - Recoinnaissance Point 2

As the details say, you just need to rat in Okkelen. When I was doing this, there were not too many other mission runners, so I got to just rat in Sakkinen without jumping anywhere. 
I started to doubt if I'm actually doing the right thing after half an hour of ratting and two drops of "Scanner Data III" but no "Scanner Data II".
After about one hour more, the correct one finally dropped! So, anyone wondering about this. Yes, you can just rat in Sakkikainen and it will eventually drop. Just be persistent!

The Caldari Migrants - Recoinnaissance Point 3

Well, this was obviously trivial as I had already looted two of "Scanner Data III" in the previous mission. 

The Caldari Migrants - Quao

So, just jump to the beacon. Kill everything. Jump gate.
The bastard in the next room scramble and web, so be prepared. Just kill everything. There are three gates. Choose the "Kazka Development Depot".
After gating, I just set my "Keep at range" on Quao Kale and killed everything else. I finally killed Kale and looted the guy.

The Caldari Migrants - Criminal Brought To Justice

Aaand this is a long and boring delivery mission. 12 jumps to take Kale to the court. Straight forward enough.

COSMOS Missions

I started running COSMOS missions lately. Theyare pretty cool and unique compared to regular Security agent missions.

Of course, as I heard, you can not fumble with any of the missions, because they are one time only and failing them gives negative standing.

I found this awesome COSMOS mission guide while doing the research and I have been doing them in that particular order.

Thus far I have completed missions for these COSMOS agents:

Kusan Niemen

Matani Jitainen
Hansu Turu
Ryuki Sakkaro
Oniya Arkimo
Istei Poyri

I'm not going to detail about those, as I have already forgotten that stuff :P