Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Back to mining

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I got the computer fixed. I thought I'd do some mining. I just had my birthday and for the hell of it, drank heavily yesterday. Nothing like boring menial task to sooth the nerves of a hungover man.

I have now spread my possessions a bit. I left most of my random stuff and the mission cabable vessels to Juunigaishi. I moved my mining operation to 0.5 space in Faurent. I'm contemplating if I was to be brave enough to fit my osprey with shield booster and missile launcher and head recklessly to 0.5- space for the first time in my career.

Monday, June 29, 2009


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I managed to noobishly infect my gaming laptop with an ancient virus from 2002. While the antiviral bootdisk does its magic, I'm unable to play. No matter. It is 28c outside, sunny day and I have a backlog of housework to do.
First thing I did outside was to spray 8 litres of herbicide on my property to get rid of some unwanted weeds.

Now for a self-congratulatory beer!

Can Ganked

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I decided to do some mining while reading, I actually had two full cans and started a third one. I went outside to have a smoke. When I come back I immediately noticed I was two cans short! What the heck? I checked my clock to verify that I hadn't suddenly lost two hours in a time warp.
Nope, definetely someone just had slipped the cans into his pocket. Soon enough, I get a red blip on my list. I target the offender and he warps away in a second. Damn! This has never happened to me before! I guess mining in desolate Jesoyeh conditioned me to trust my fellow players too much.

I guess I need to find a bit quieter system to do my mining in. It was pretty dissapointing to lose hours worth of half-hearted mineral dragging in couple of minutes.

Bloody pirates...

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Morning 2009.06.28

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Hey! It's my birthday IRL today!

Being a Caldari, I figured I should probably do Caldari missions. I started moving to Citadel to move next to my agents. Following my friends advice, I decided to start doing missions for Caldari Navy. I found an accessible lvl 1 agent at Juunigaishi, so I'm moving there. Right in the next system I can find lvl 2-3 agents of the same faction, so next move won't be a long one :D

Fumbling with a mission

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I have had a jolly good time figuring out how to do this one mission. The vehicle I outfitted for missions is a cruiser class thingymaboob with tons of missile bays. However, I ran into a mission where a jump gate requires a newb ship, frigate or a destroyer to use. I have no idea why it lets one use the newb ship and frigate, as those are obviously underpowered for the task. I fitted a frigate, tried and failed. Now I have 6M worth of crap floating around in the mission area.
So, I went and learned how to drive a destroyer. I have spent the last two hours learning new lvl1 skills and outfitting a destroyer with lasers to have another go at the mission. I was about to drop the mission already, but apparently it is an "important storyline mission" and the agent would get royally pissed off with me if I was to drop it. Beign that this is the first mission with the agent, I am not willing to risk it.

Anyway. It is now 2:20am where I live, but I am not willing to give up before I have my new destroyer equipped and have tried the mission once more =)

Saturday, June 27, 2009


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Whee, my first expensive mistake!
I accidentally (Well, deliberately, but not weighing the consequences) bought an assload of Kernite for hauling over to another region. 9 jumps, and I have to make 5 trips. Takes way too much time...
Well, shit. "I'll just refine it and sell the produce". Except, what the hell! The refined materials are fraction of the value of the Kernite. I really should not assume things.

Ah, hell. I'll just haul it. I think this takes the rest of the evening. At least I have time to do some dishes and laundry while autopilot autopilots!

Cluster Reboot Report 20090627

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I spent the morning running some errands for Imperial Somethingoranother.
I actually had a good time! The missions were suitably challenging for me. I didn't feel threatened about blowing up my ship at all, but there was enough action to keep me on my toes; switching targets and selecting corret missile launchers for each foes distance.
The cargo bay of Caracal is a bit small. Or perhaps I should consider carrying less than 40.000 units of ammo with me. :P Cap Charges are big! I would like to haul like 1000 with me, but the nicely sized range from 3-8 m^3 per piece.

The mission rewards seem to be rather dismal at the moment. But I won't complain about this untill I have reached the highest missions I can handle with my ship.

Anyway, after the reboot, I think I'll visit my mining base in Jesoyeh, mine one or two jetcans, refine and head back to missions in Penirgman.


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Well, I id some mining. Didn't sell yet. I have terrible standing with the faction in whose system I mine, so refining efficiency is not optimal. This made me look into missions. I cound't access the missions for the faction I wanted, but I decided to try them anyway. I splurged 10M to buy a combat cruiser with trimmings. I loaded Caracal with missile launchers and some random utilities, and off I go to a more friendly system!
I have to admit, I actually had fun with the missions. Whoops, it's 1am here. Yeah his game must suck. I only played 14h straight. ;)

Osprey Miner
Badger MKII Indy
Caracal Combat Cruiser

Friday, June 26, 2009


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Update since morning:
ISK 50M, most of it from selling my pile of crap inventory. Bought some secure containers. Realized it will take two weeks to get necessary skills for the Battleship I am hunkering.
Running trade routes is BORING. Oh dear... Actually running them in 0.5+ space isn't all that bad: Just set vectors and let autopilot take care of the route. But making the necessary calculations for a single run takes bloody forever, and even then I'll make mere 1-2M for hours of flying and lose any profits easily by making a minute mistake, like forgetting to see that someone actually wants to buy enough of the bloody stuff I'm hauling.
Anyway. I think I'll take out my Osprey and try some mining for a change.

Morning report

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Mining Osprey
Cargo Badger Mark II

ISK: 21M

Run cargo.

I discovered I had a ton of refined materials in my hangar. I made a trip to nearby system which had good prices and sold the lot. I also bought better cargo expanders for the badger. I have ton of junk in my hangar. I think the stuff is everything I have looted from NPC pirates during my earlier career. I'll pack up and head to Jita to sell the junk. I heard it is The Commerce Hub in Eve.

First impressions

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Uh, yeah. It still kinda sorta feels like work. However, I feel like I'm better prepared than last time.
I made a quick inventory of my belongings and figured out what to do.

Starting Status
8M ISK in bank.
Osprey fitted with mining lasers and drones.
Badger Mark II fitted with some cargo boosters.

I started running trade routes. After some laborous fiddling with my trusty TI-89 I committed on certain synthetic oil route with 6 jumps between systems. I netted 2.5M on first run, which to me seems pretty good. The route didn't dry up on first try, so now I'm running it again. Unfortunately there's nothing to haul to the other direction.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

First post!

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Well then. I just opened my Eve Online account again, first time in years. I will be posting a diary here about my experience. My character is bona fide noob. I recall when I last tried, I found the game too tedious. Lets see what happens now.

I have spent better part of the day downloading the game. The online installer failed at about 80% downloading. I resorted to downloading the offline installer. The online installer was rediculous. How come it cannot resume download if it crashes in mid of download? I think the only reason for having an "online installer" is to have control over the download so that only necessary parts will be downloaded AND that the download can be resumed if something unexpected happens.
I activated my account while waiting for the download. Surprisingly, PayPal method failed and my account information went screwy for a while. Logging out and back in enabled me to try another method. Credit card payment worked just fine.
The installation itself went svimmingly. Only thing that annoyed me was the "verifying files"-stage where there was no indication of progress at all.

The Plan
I have been reading Eve guides for the whole day. I recall I have some kind of industrial ship and small mining ship in bay. My plan is to start running trade routes, simultaneously gaining skills to pilot a Rokh and save money for said Rokh and mining equipment. When I have everything gathered and skills improved, I'll hop to the controls of my battleship and start a mining operation, possibly joining a corporation. I'm not very good at sticking to a plan, so we'll see it all goes :)

Now then, I'll go ahead and log in. I'll report back after some playing.