Monday, September 16, 2013

Akira Helkelen

Warning: Requires LowSec travel.

Warning: Minimum required cargo space: 1000m^3

I suggest you build some kind of blockade runner. For example, get a badger, fit a cloaking device and a 10MN Afterburner.

Then learn the Cloak Trick.

This whole mission chain is a cluster fuck. You have to hop back and forth between places, switching ships and shit. All while dodging gate camps in low sec. I think the developer responsible for this was just a sadist.

A Mad Scientist's Dream - Payment 

Again a mission where you have to drop off stuff to a low sec station. Be careful. Check that there is minimal traffic in the system. 

Hold onto the passcard you get. If you complete the mission in the station, don't forget to pick it up before leaving.

A Mad Scientist's Dream - Simple Microorganisms

You need to get 400 x Potent Viral Agent (200,0 m³). These can be found in Tsuna's Private Compounds in Otomainen. There will be four spawn spots. Two of them contain battle ships. Stay away from the battleship, and dispatch of the smaller ones. 

After this, go next to the Science Lab and blow it up. It will spew out a cargo container containing everything you need.

A Mad Scientist's Dream - Transportation

Buy a shuttle and bring it to Akira. I'm not sure if you can just drive it there and pop out of it, or do you have to haul it. I took my hauler and did it with that.

A Mad Scientist's Dream - The Drill 

Now we need Drill Parts. Get your fighting ship, but make sure you have at least 400m^3 of cargo space available. Use the gate next to the agent to go to "The Otomainen V Mining Operation".
Position yourself next to the Lephny's Mining Post and blow it up. Pick up the parts and scoot!

A Mad Scientist's Dream - Last Hindrance

And finally he asks you to get rid of that one red guy has been buzzing about. Kill the nearby Ratei Jezzor and get his insignia. He will initially shield tank quite heavily, but I was able to get him down with mere 220dps.

My reward: 1 x Social Adaptation Chip - Basic

You will also receive a "Neophite". Hold onto it. We will probably need it later.

Hitami Magye

Warning: Requires travel through Low Sec.

You will need a voucher from the previous mission! So do it first!

This starts in Otomainen, Rush Town Ruins.

Mercantile Settlers - Confirmation For Your Good Intentions 

You should have 1 x Utrainen's Employment Voucher (1,0 m³) from previous mission. Just hand it over.

Mercantile Settlers - Jorek Lephny

Take the gate nearby to "The Otomainen V Mining Operation". Watch out for the buggy collisions with the station!

Go straight for the Jephny! Kill him and dispatch of the webbing drones. Loot and scoot!
Markus shield tanks pretty hard. No need to bother with him.

My Reward: 1 x 'Undertaker' Heavy Missile Launcher

Mercantile Settlers - To The Health Clinic 

Warning: Requires travel through Low Sec. As a bonus, you need to dock to a Low Sec station, which means you will be a sitting duck if there's anyone there.

You will now need to take Jorek Lephny to Otanuomi. I was actually so scared of doing this in my expensive Tengu, that I visited by Jita and fitted a bit cheaper blockade runner. I also aimed for > 1000m^3 space, because I know we need to soon haul that into low sec.
Check the setup here: Blockade Runner

My visit went smoothly. No one was there and I could safely drop off the patient.

Mercantile Settlers - Laser Shortage

Go buy some Miner II's and bring them back. 

My reward: 1 x 'Deuce' Co-Processor I

Mercantile Settlers - Outlaws 

You need to get 40 Outlaw Spurs. These can be found, again, in Otitoh VI - Moon II. Return these, and you will get:

1 x Ancient Treasure Map

Hold onto this map. It will be used later.

Blockade Runner

So I am doing the L3 COSMOS missions. I need to haul a bit of stuff from/to low sec, so I need something to avoid the ambushes.

I do not have quite sthe skills for T2 haulers, so here's my ghetto blockade runner made out of badger:

NOTE: On a more experienced players advice, I swapped the medium shield extender to a 10MN Afterburner.
Here's how to use it: When jumping into a camp, Quickly hit AB On, AB Off, Align To and then Cloak. When the AB cycle is done, uncloak and Jump.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Kochi Utrainen

Warning: You need to travel through Low Sec.

This one starts in Foul Creek Ranch in Otomainen.

The Test Of Competence - Utrainen's Reports 

Deadspace fight in the same system. You need to recover 1 x Utrainen's reports.
In the first room, there are 4 groups of enemies. You can pick the groups one by one if you are careful.

In the next room is one Alvatis and three turrets. There is a cargo container floating about. When you kill the Alavatis, it will drop another cargo container. The one from the Alvatis will contain the reports. The one that was floating there will contain some random loot.

The Test Of Competence - The Roaving Brigands 

You need to get Marauder spurs for this one. These can be found in Otitoh VI - Moon 2. The Marauders drop the correct spurs.

My Rewards:
1 x Eifyr and Co. 'Gunslinger' Motion Prediction MR-703
5 x Utrainen's Employment Voucher

We will need the voucher later! Keep them safe!

Ikimara Hochi

This one starts in Sakkikainen, Settler's Waystation.

Warning: You need to go through low sec for this. Prepare your ship appropriately.

Warning: you will need a proper hauler for this. You need 12500m3 of cargo space. I just fitted a new Badger Mk II for this. Uh, I mean Tayra. These names changed in the last patch :)

Banker's Stash - Stolen Goods 

Go to Otomainen, Contested Guristas Outrider Post. Warp in the first warp gate. The Jedon Hekkiren's Beloging will drop from one of the named enemies in the back. I can't remember which, sorry.

Banker's Stash - Complete the Transportation 

And here you need the hauler. You will get 250 x Jedon Hekkiren's Belongings (12500,0 m³) when you start the mission. Take the haul to the destination in Vahunomi, and that's it.

Banker's Stash - Bury the Dead

You need to take Hakkuran Brother's Remains to Usi. It's quite a jourmey. Luckily I had my travel ship nearby.

My Rewards: 
1 x 'Plunderer' Spatial Destabilizer Blueprint (3 runs, copy, material level: 15, productivity level: 6)
1 x Inherent Implants 'Yeti' Ice Harvesting IH-1003

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Eteri Tazaki

Thee part mission. Starts in Otitoh - Devil's Dig Site.

The next couple of missions requires travel through Low Sec, so I have to try and add a bit of survivability to my Tangu. I switched all the low slots for stabilizers and added a cloaking device.

Foul Play - Organizing The Search 

Take one piece of Holoreels to Josameto IX, Moon 3 - Caldari Fund Unlimited Depository. Simple courier.

Foul Play - Ryoke's Friend 

This is a really dangerous mission. First of all make sure you can escape an ambush. Or bring a fleet. You need to fight in low sec. Before jumping to Ihakana check your star map and try to go when the system is empty.

Go to State and Region Bank. He will be floating nearby.

My Reward: 1 x 'Ghost' ECM Burst Blueprint (2 runs, copy, material level: 15, productivity level: 6)

Foul Play - Finding Ryoke

You need to go through low sec again. No fighting in there thou. Go to Otomainen, Contested Guristas Outrider Post. Ryoke will spawn at the back of the first room.

My Rewards:
1 x 'Prospector' EM Ward Amplifier Blueprint (2 runs, copy, material level: 15, productivity level: 6)
1 x Neural Boost - Basic

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Arvo Watanen

This quest chain starts in Otitoh, Devils Dig Site. You will need 250m^3 of cargo space to complete this mission chain.

Artifact Excavations - Food for the Needy

You need to bring 500 frozen food for Arvo. Just buy it from a nearby system and return.

Artifact Excavations - Tools in Short Supply 

Easy courier mission. Get 50 Research Tools from Sakkikainen and return to Arvo.

Artifact Excavations - Bandits Beware

So, for this you will need a Makele's Tag. The target is Makele Kordonii, who can be found at Planet 6, Moon 2 in Otitoh. Just get rid of the couple enemies at the jump gate and head in. When I got in the place was heavily contested. I found a wreck of Makele in the very opposite end of the field from the warp in. I went to orbit said wreck and waited for about an hour. I kept cleaning all the spawns, but yet, when Makele spawned, so spawned about 20 of his friends. Marauders, drifters and bandits.

Bandits web and scramble! Be prepared! They are also really hard to kill. I suggest trying to ambush this spawn from a distance, instead of flying straight into the cloud of enemies like I did.

Well, I got the tag in the end! 

Artifact Excavations - Final Blow

You need 25 bandit spurs for this. These drop in the same place as the last mission: Otitoh, Planet 6 - Moon 2. If you looted everything from the last missions, you might already have all of these.
The bandits at the entrance do not drop these. You have to go in the gate.

I'm not sure which enemies to kill. But the Demolisher Wrecks seem to drop the Bandit Spurs

Artifact Excavations - Deliver the Special Report

Finally, we need to deliver a Data Sheet to Sakkikainen.

My reward: 1 x Medium 'Lone Ranger' Shield Booster Blueprint (3 runs, copy, material level: 15, productivity level: 6)

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Midoki Urigamu

You can find this agent at Sakkikainen, Settlers Waystation.
Before you start this quest chain, you might want to get a hauler. You will need at least 4900m^3 cargo space to complete this quest chain.

Pit Stop Slash Saloon - Need A Helping Hand 

Get some Construction workers from Otela and drop them off to at Sakkikainen. You will need 300m^3 of space.


Pick up some Large Crates of Construction blocks from attached system Ishisomo.  You need 4900m^3 of cargo space to complete this mission.

My reward: 1 x 'Gambler' Phase Inverter Blueprint (5 runs, copy, material level: 15, productivity level: 6)

Pit Stop Slash Saloon

You need to get 60 construction tools for Midoki. You can find these at the Urigamus Warehouse in Otitoh. Just warp into the beacon, clear out the enemies and open the warehouse container. When I got there, there were 100 pieces of the tools in the container. Now, for me the size of the tools is slightly annoying, because my combat ship cannot carry that much stuff. So I first need to go to Otitoh in my Tengu , loot the things, store them in a station and then go make a round trip to fetch them.
If you figure out a more efficient way, please comment.

My reward: 1 x Ocular Filter - Basic

Pit Stop Slash Saloon - Eliminate The Competition 

When you jump to the target area, there are three groups of enemies. Because I didn't know how they would react if I just go shooting at the pleasure gardens, I went quite close to each group and eliminated them one by one. Some webbing ensued. Once you destroy the Gardens, a loot container will spawn. It contains 10 janitors. No idea if there's any use for these.

My rewards: 
1 x Medium 'Lone Ranger' Shield Booster Blueprint (3 runs, copy, material level: 15, productivity level: 6)
1 x Zainou 'Gnome' Shield Operation SP-905