Saturday, June 27, 2009

Cluster Reboot Report 20090627

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I spent the morning running some errands for Imperial Somethingoranother.
I actually had a good time! The missions were suitably challenging for me. I didn't feel threatened about blowing up my ship at all, but there was enough action to keep me on my toes; switching targets and selecting corret missile launchers for each foes distance.
The cargo bay of Caracal is a bit small. Or perhaps I should consider carrying less than 40.000 units of ammo with me. :P Cap Charges are big! I would like to haul like 1000 with me, but the nicely sized range from 3-8 m^3 per piece.

The mission rewards seem to be rather dismal at the moment. But I won't complain about this untill I have reached the highest missions I can handle with my ship.

Anyway, after the reboot, I think I'll visit my mining base in Jesoyeh, mine one or two jetcans, refine and head back to missions in Penirgman.

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