Thursday, June 25, 2009

First post!

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Well then. I just opened my Eve Online account again, first time in years. I will be posting a diary here about my experience. My character is bona fide noob. I recall when I last tried, I found the game too tedious. Lets see what happens now.

I have spent better part of the day downloading the game. The online installer failed at about 80% downloading. I resorted to downloading the offline installer. The online installer was rediculous. How come it cannot resume download if it crashes in mid of download? I think the only reason for having an "online installer" is to have control over the download so that only necessary parts will be downloaded AND that the download can be resumed if something unexpected happens.
I activated my account while waiting for the download. Surprisingly, PayPal method failed and my account information went screwy for a while. Logging out and back in enabled me to try another method. Credit card payment worked just fine.
The installation itself went svimmingly. Only thing that annoyed me was the "verifying files"-stage where there was no indication of progress at all.

The Plan
I have been reading Eve guides for the whole day. I recall I have some kind of industrial ship and small mining ship in bay. My plan is to start running trade routes, simultaneously gaining skills to pilot a Rokh and save money for said Rokh and mining equipment. When I have everything gathered and skills improved, I'll hop to the controls of my battleship and start a mining operation, possibly joining a corporation. I'm not very good at sticking to a plan, so we'll see it all goes :)

Now then, I'll go ahead and log in. I'll report back after some playing.

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