Sunday, June 28, 2009

Fumbling with a mission

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I have had a jolly good time figuring out how to do this one mission. The vehicle I outfitted for missions is a cruiser class thingymaboob with tons of missile bays. However, I ran into a mission where a jump gate requires a newb ship, frigate or a destroyer to use. I have no idea why it lets one use the newb ship and frigate, as those are obviously underpowered for the task. I fitted a frigate, tried and failed. Now I have 6M worth of crap floating around in the mission area.
So, I went and learned how to drive a destroyer. I have spent the last two hours learning new lvl1 skills and outfitting a destroyer with lasers to have another go at the mission. I was about to drop the mission already, but apparently it is an "important storyline mission" and the agent would get royally pissed off with me if I was to drop it. Beign that this is the first mission with the agent, I am not willing to risk it.

Anyway. It is now 2:20am where I live, but I am not willing to give up before I have my new destroyer equipped and have tried the mission once more =)

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