Thursday, July 23, 2009

I have a fan!

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Yesterday evening wasn't very productive. First I got a pirate named Sara Letha flip a can. I went to get my hauler and fitted WCS. Apparently she had multiple scramblers as I was going nowhere after looting the can.

She didn't buy my puny bluff and effectively my pretty Badger was no more.

I continued mining after some time. I was actually testing how much I can mine before a can goes *poof* because it has been sitting there too long. My test was foiled miserably by another pirate chick called karasusa. What is with me and the female pirates? Must be my ruggedly handsome looks. At any rate, I decided to fight! I fetched my Blackbird and bravely charged the privateer! I was surprised by the damage which she dealed with her rifter! Ouch, I went to half shield before I could get a lock and ECM her. I kept her lock-locked, disrupted and webbed for a while and it looked like I was going to win. However, I ran out of cap and soon enough my Blackbird was humiliatingly destroyed by a rifter. After having a smoke and calming down, I decided to convo the lady and ask for pointers. I thought my loadout would be invincible against any frigate! Surprisingly she accepted my convo and gave me some very usefull pointers. I fine tuned my next Blackbird, parked it to my mining station and logged off.

Today, I was mining again in peace, when Sara convoed me and asked where the wardec was. I told her I was a coward, and besides I hadn't visited the CEO alt. Which reminded me, that my role-wiping from CUX was probably done and I could remove myself from the corp. Only maybe two minutes after I had left the corp, Sara convoed me again and asked if I had left the corp because of impending wardec. I told her no, but she 'mmhm'ed at me in a way that is typical to young females of homo sapiens species, when they think they have proven their point or won an argument. I left it at that. Perhaps there was a 10% possibility that I had chosen to leave the corp right now because of possibility of war, but you didn't hear me say that, ok?

Anyway, she came around and fipped my can. I fetched my Blackbird, flipped the can back and waited for a while. She was not in the system anymore. Curious... I kept my eye on the local for a minute or two and then just switched to a hauler and got the stuff home.

She repeated the annoying act again in haf an hour or so. This time I got my Blackbird, jumped to a gate and told her to meet me there. As a newbie combatant I didn't realize I would actually give her the oportunity to escape and denying me the same, because I would need to shoot first. Anyway, she came in some cruiser, which's type escapes me. She started with an impressive volley of missiles which took a third of my shield. She got another volley in before I managed to ECM her. With my secret new fine tuning, I was cap stable by finely managing the modules I needed to run. I was slowly chipping away at her shield and perhaps at 50% shield she jumped. I didn't feel like pursuing her, (and i'm not sure if I could have?) so I just made a few warps and created a safe spot. While making the spot I visited our fight gate again and she jumped immediately at my sight. Ahhh... I was so content. After all this fumbling I finaly made someone run! I sat on the safespot and waited for the timer to run out.

I decided that this lady might be persistent after such a failure. No wrath like woman scorn and all that... I decided to move my mining business to another place to avoid her daily griefing route. I moved the BB first and started to make my way back in a pod. WHAT!? Sara was there on the exit gate from the new system I had just decided to settle in. She continued to follow me as long as she could and refused a convo. Wow...

I have a fan! Whoo!

I set a new route -- to my mission hub. Activated the autopilot and started to write this tripe :)
Fly safe!

EDIT: I forgot to tell you how I almost lost my Rokh because I went to mine with the aggression timer on. I'll leave that to another time....

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