Saturday, July 4, 2009

Mining Math

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While reading the Advanced Mining guide, I came upon something interesting. According to the guide, Veldspar is the most profitable hisec mineral to mine. It must be the best thing to solo mine overall. I had to get to the bottom of this. I found some php code that polls the eve-central data for prices and calculates the most profitable target. Here's the results: BAM!
What the... Veldspar is more profitable than anything else per cubic metre! By 20% no less!
(It doesn't count the more highend stuff, but those are out of my reach anyway so I don't care)
(Now it does, the original code was a bit bugged)

I could have sworn based on my intuition that Kernite would be the most profitable! Well, it is. Per unit that is. But per unit means jack shit because m^3 is what mining lasers extract and indys haul.
Perhaps I should dig deeper and find older trends for mineral prices. I should think that the prices used to be more balanced(1) in good old days, when there were more of us newbies mining 1.0 and less consumption for all those insane humungous ships.

I'm a bit miffed actually. When I finally get my Battleship or Barge it will still be pointless to risk it in lowsec, because I can safely make more money sitting in 1.0. I think I will drop any further endeavours towards more advanced dedicated mining systems. I'll concentrate on manufacturing and more advanced spaceship handling.

(1) By which I mean, rarer stuff being more expensive.

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