Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Spend, spend, spend!

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In a shopaholic spree, I bought all the skills that I could train right now. I now have 48 skills in training queue!
Unfortunately I lost my mining Osprey yesterday. Someone slipped my can and emptied it to another can. Seeing tht the ofender was in quite a crappy ship, I decided to try and fight him. Well, long story short; he blew up my Osprey, but my drones certainly put up a good fight! I coudn't run as of course he warp scrambled me the second I opened fire.
I didn't remember fitting a mining Osprey was this expensive, ouch. It takes about 5M to fit one.

I also rent an office for my corporation which I've had since 2004. I'll see if I can lure some other newbies to join my exciting enterprice!

I'm also contemplating starting to learn some manufacturing. That should be interesting. Perhaps when I'm in a bit better finanial standing.

Current assets:
ISK: 11M
Cormorant fitted for mission running
Caracal fitted for mission running
Badger Mark II fitted for hauling.
Osprey. Unfitted. Will be fitted for mining.

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