Saturday, April 27, 2013

Raidon Setala

Well, as I said, I'm doing some COSMOS mission for now. I'm currently working on the L2 missions.

I'm currently flying a Caracal, with rapid light missile launchers, MWD, and shield stuff. This seems to work fairly well for these level missions.

The Caldari Migrants - Recoinnaissance Point 1

This was pretty straight forward. Just jump to the bookmark. Kill everything. Jump gates. Loot the container.

The Caldari Migrants - Recoinnaissance Point 2

As the details say, you just need to rat in Okkelen. When I was doing this, there were not too many other mission runners, so I got to just rat in Sakkinen without jumping anywhere. 
I started to doubt if I'm actually doing the right thing after half an hour of ratting and two drops of "Scanner Data III" but no "Scanner Data II".
After about one hour more, the correct one finally dropped! So, anyone wondering about this. Yes, you can just rat in Sakkikainen and it will eventually drop. Just be persistent!

The Caldari Migrants - Recoinnaissance Point 3

Well, this was obviously trivial as I had already looted two of "Scanner Data III" in the previous mission. 

The Caldari Migrants - Quao

So, just jump to the beacon. Kill everything. Jump gate.
The bastard in the next room scramble and web, so be prepared. Just kill everything. There are three gates. Choose the "Kazka Development Depot".
After gating, I just set my "Keep at range" on Quao Kale and killed everything else. I finally killed Kale and looted the guy.

The Caldari Migrants - Criminal Brought To Justice

Aaand this is a long and boring delivery mission. 12 jumps to take Kale to the court. Straight forward enough.

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