Friday, July 3, 2009


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I fitted a condor for fast travel and headed for some 0.0 space. I did some research and found out a NPC station I wanted to visit.
What a thrill!

As I exited the hisec space, I was greeted with a gate camp and someone trying to warp scramble me. Fortunately I had been wise and bought a Warp Core Stabilizer for this journey. The rest of the way was rather uneventfull and eventualy I docked deep in 0.0 space. I moved my clone here and had a look at the local market.

Damn. No bantams, 1M Badgers, no miner I. Just for the heck of it, I decided to buy the 1M badger and move a miner from my condor to it. Time for some ninja mining in 0.0! I poked around for an hour without finding a suitable mining site. I finally turned to google and eventually found the information I needed. A nearby system with crokite!

Without hesitation I undocked by oddball mining indy and headed for the coveted asteroid fields. Soon enough I had located a suitable place and fired my laser. I was mining Crokite!

While I was writing this, I heard an alarming sound. I was being targetted! Blast! Ah, no worries. It's just some rats. I was unarmed, so I decided to just jump to the next belt. Luck was against me however. I got stuck on an asteroid while aligning for warp, which is quite deadly in this situation. Soon enough I was hammered by rats and found myself in a black egg. Damn.

I warped to nearby moon and logged off. It is 4am IRL and I need some sleep to think clearly.

This experience gave me confidence thou. It wasn't impossible to get to the fabled 0.0 space.
I am hatching a plan...

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