Friday, July 3, 2009


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My plan was as follows:
  1. Fly to Caldari space
  2. Buy Bantam, Badger and various other BPO's
  3. Fly back to 0.0 with said items.
  4. Setup shop, start ninja mining
  5. ???
  6. Profit!!!
H0wever, my genious plan was foiled by a Russian lady who was trying to catch some particular person with a bubble. I was over half-way to my destination, just on the edge of "safe" 0.0 space. I didn't pay attention to the star map enough and thus flew straight into this nefarious trap!
My poor Condor went *poof* in a second after fumbling franctically, trying to warp away. The nice lady apologized profusedly and told me in broken english "go on away" (what I assume ment: You can go, I won't pod you) . Well, I jumped with my pod to the next system. While I was warping to the next gate, I checked the regional market and there was a cheap Condor nearby. How lucky I was! I remotely bought the Condor and reconfigured my route so that I would pick up the condor, head back to loot my stuff and continue my journey to the fast outreaches of the galaxy. But it was not ment to be!
The station was only half way done and besides, it wouldn't let me dock. The curious builders asked me what the hell I was doing there, so far away from home, all alone, in a pod. I pondered this very question myself for a moment and sternly replied: "I'm trying to get podded to save some jumps."
The gentleman in a cruiser aggreed to help me out. He locked his missiles on me and sooner than I could say 'superglarigaficarious cadaver', I was in my clone, at the far outreaches of the galaxy.

My morale was down a bit. I kicked my brand new Ibis. I was too frustrated to try again right away. I bought some other blueprints from the nearby stations and went out to mine Jaspet in my hodgepodge of a ship. Perhaps later, after the restart I would try again.

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