Sunday, July 5, 2009


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I managed to lure one member to my corp! Another one is still on the edge. We did some duo mining with the latter and had jolly good time, and fairly decent income.

This morning I picked up my mining Osprey from where I left it, in the old office. I went to do some mining in Muvolailen. I again forgot how much it sucks to mine in a crowded system. Sooner than I had accrued 5000m^3 of veldspar I got can-flipped by a guy in a Rifter. I considered the consequences for a sec and decided to sic my drones on him. They chewed his shield quite fast and I was musing to myself if I'd actually manage to kill him. Well, No.
He was armour tanking. I can imagine his plan coming to perfect fruitition as he warp scrambled me, dispatched my drones to robot heaven and continued to destroy my Osprey.

Ah, well. It was all in a good spirit. I congratulated him for the fair cop and he thanked me for the "pew pew" which he was after.

I'm out of cash again and short of a miner. I checked my assets and recalled I have my "Stinger" -- the mission running Caracal couple of jumps away. I dragged to there in my pod and started doing some missions.

Perhaps in the evening my two new mining friends will come online and we can do some mining together.

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