Sunday, July 5, 2009


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Boot time. Bugger, I had just killing a horde of nefarious drones when the countdown to boot started. I hurriedly scrambled for my tractor beam, trying to gather all the 20-30 wrecks around me, in search for the A.I. my agent so desperately wanted. I wasn't fast enough thou. Unfortunately I was disconnected before I could recover the important piece of drone brain from the wreckage. Atleast I would now know what happens to stuff in boot.
Well, apparently, it goes *poof*, just as i expected. Now I had to return to my agent shamefully without the item she wanted. I was dismayed, but hoped she would understand. After all, no-one can avoid the inevitable reboot!

My agent wasn't quite so forgiving. She gave me a lecture about my incompetence and turned her back to me. She didn't want to offer me a job anymore. I was disraught, but eventually I just let it go and located another agent who would be willing to employ me despite my ineptness.


  1. You mission would have reset after downtime, while unfortunately all the hard work done killing those evil drones would be wasted...all you have to do is go back and do the mission again:)

    Just a couple of days ago I was talking to a friend about the days in which we used to try to fit 5 x miner 1's to a Thorax and how far ago that seemed. So when reading your blog about losing your mining Ospry and I'll admit...I laughed. So to make up for laughing I have bought 4 x Ospry's, 1 x Caracal and 10 x Bantam's in Jita, hauled them to your corporate office in Muvoalailen and contracted them to you.

    Feel free to check out my blog as well, some of the lessons learned would help you out as well:)

    (Note, contract is setup from my freighter alt, not my main character Hamno)

  2. Thank you for your generous donation. I'll be careful to put them to good use! :)