Wednesday, July 22, 2009


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Yesterday was something special!
My day started with some menial tasks, such as scrubbing the hangar floor and organizing my cargo containers. Inventory management is such a chore!

After this I mined a couple of cans of Veldspar in Muvoailen. After this I did some lvl 1 missions in a system which's name escapes me. Nothing interesting happened really. I was considering getting myself into some kind of trouble just to have something to write about!

I asked around in the recruitment channel if some random corp was willing to employ me. Flying alone is getting the better of me. I sometimes realize I'm arguing about ship loadouts with myself on the fleet channel! No sooner than soon, I have contact from Kal Jace, offering me a position in GoonFleet! I figured he must have thought I was an experienced player because of my character age. After clearing that up we had very productive chat! (btw, sarcasm mode on)

[ 2009.07.21 08:57:15 ] Kal Jace > ahhh I see
[ 2009.07.21 08:57:30 ] Kal Jace > The old character confused me somewhat :)
[ 2009.07.21 08:57:55 ] Fizzl > yep, it tends to do that ;)
[ 2009.07.21 08:58:25 ] Fizzl > i tried starting a corp myself, but everyone and their cousing wanted to wardec a 2004 newb corp =)
[ 2009.07.21 08:58:32 ] Kal Jace > lol
[ 2009.07.21 08:59:57 ] Kal Jace > GF don't actually have recruitment requirements - but we do have a small ISK security deposit that needs made pending a background check, which you might not be able to cover if you're only 2.5m sp :)
[ 2009.07.21 09:01:17 ] Fizzl > I see... The good old GF recry scam, hehe. I haven't been living under a rock :)
[ 2009.07.21 09:01:39 ] Kal Jace > Aint a scam
[ 2009.07.21 09:02:23 ] Fizzl > Oh, was it BoB then?
[ 2009.07.21 09:03:18 ] Kal Jace > Must have been, its always been goon policy
[ 2009.07.21 09:04:48 ] Fizzl > how much is this security?
[ 2009.07.21 09:05:25 ] Kal Jace > Its unique to everyone, lemme just check how much yours would be
[ 2009.07.21 09:05:51 ] Fizzl > hehe, ofcourse it's based on char age? /facepalm :P
[ 2009.07.21 09:06:17 ] Kal Jace > nah its based off SP/employmeny history
[ 2009.07.21 09:06:55 ] Kal Jace > yours would be 254,765,976 ISK, slightly above min due to how old yer char is
[ 2009.07.21 09:08:17 ] Fizzl > ouch. yeah, too much for me right now. Perhaps i'll contact you later?
[ 2009.07.21 09:09:14 ] Kal Jace > Sure thing :)
[ 2009.07.21 09:09:27 ] Kal Jace > Ill bookmark the amount so it remains tied to you
[ 2009.07.21 09:09:50 ] Fizzl > ok, thanks.
[ 2009.07.21 09:10:15 ] Kal Jace > Just convo me if you need anything
[ 2009.07.21 09:10:21 ] Fizzl > sure
What a glorious oportunity! I can't wait to collect 250M ISK and hand it to this gentleman! Then I will be a bee too!
Now, actually information about GoonFleet recruitment is kinda obfuscated if you just try to google about it. However, everyone should know that GF only hires from their own flock of forum trolls.
And just for emphasis, a verbatim quote from their wiki: If you gave isk to join Goonfleet then you were scammed and you're shit out of luck.

But something positive! I realized I had minerals to get a Rokh! I pondered if I should do some mineral trading and get my friend to build the Rokh for me. Being the impatient bastard I am, I sold my minerals and bought the Rokh and the fittings from Jita.
I'm also thiiiis close to flying it!
In the evening something exciting finally happened. Sab, my former director called and asked if I wanted to join his mining team in worm hole space! Wow! I've never seen WH space, so I aggreed. I packed my Osprey and stuffed it into a badger. I set the course for *beep* for the WH entrance. I haphazardly navigated through some 0.3 space to save 5 jumps, but as my ships are made of unobtainium, I survived. When I got to *beep* I assembled my Osprey and was promptly escorted to the WH entrance.
I was a bit nervous. Being in 0.0 space after all. I just followed Sab, and HOLY CHRIST IS THAT CROKITE? YES IT IS!
I wasn't expecting this! Rocks of valuable ores, the size of a battleship, just floating everywhere! Ooh, I must have died, had a low quality clone and now I was in some kind of clone fuckup-stasis and merely dreaming this. I just picked nearest rock and started excavating. I was expecting something horrible to happen any minute. I voiced my concerns to the fleet, and was told that the place was relatively safe now. No rats, and apparently we had a cloaked spy monitoring the WH entrance like a hawk. After a can I hauled and refined. Whee! I had made my own Zydrine! I huggled the cold mineral warmly and returned to work. This time I picked a crokite rock, twice the size of my Osprey.
At some point Sab and hes friend went to haul their lewts to some apparently very far away system. Sab had his characteristic luck with his hauler thou: I heard screams of agony from the fleet channel. They had been podded somewhere along the route. Bubble and all. Apparenty they lost both their haulers and the goods they were hauling. Bugger...
My evening was slightly more productive thou. I mined and succesfully banked minerals worth of 20M!

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