Tuesday, July 28, 2009


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The life goes on quite predictably. Me losing ships, wandering around and not gaining anything. At peak, I had quite nice armada of ships and 120M ISK. Now I'm down to 50M with little to no progress.

I'm on the move. I am applying to a corp which has some plans for the next two months which require some actions from me. I have been spending my time mining and preparing the needed equipment through manufacturing. I haven't felt like mining for profit, as the mineral market is down. Propably the usual summer slump which can be observed from the market trends thorough the years.

I have been exploring and trying to utilize my findings. I haven't quite got the grasp of it yet thou. Once I have ound a suitable hole, I try to set up shop to the entry system, but usually it takes me so long time, the WH is already decaying. Yesteday I found a hole with a gas cloud. I also found a gas cloud spot in high sec. This encouraged me to learn three levels of gas cloud harvesting to fit some harvesters on an Osprey. Quick calculations showed that the highsec gas cloud would not be very profitable. GC mining has the advantge of afk mining thou. I decided to try and mine the WH cloud. I succesfully harvested a 1300 unit cloud of fullerite C50, which would have netted me 11M in Jita. No buyers nearby, thou. (Ah yes. I'm now living 25 jumps from Jita). There was another cloud of fullerite C84. While less profitable, there was lots of it. I kept using my directional scanner to keep an eye on any traffic in the hole. There hadn't been anyone visiting for the whole time. I considered myself rather lucky. While watching some mythbusters, I continued to drag my profits to a jetcan every ten minutes, checking the scanner. Suddenyly something rather predictable happened! I saw from the corner of my eye that something was up. While I set my other laptop down and reached for the mouse of the gaming laptop I was already in hull! Crap! Someone called OnoSendai had jumped on me with a Drake and pummeled my Osprey to bits in mere seconds! Ohwell, I quickly escaped in my pod and decided to leave the system for good. I fitted another Osprey and proceeded to harvest the highsec cloud. After couple of hours, I went to check the WH again. Yup, Onosendai was there with someone else. Bugger, they propably had been harvesting the goods of the system for the whole night. I wish I had some muscle to guard my mining operations! Soon, soon...

I just finished fitting a cleaner cormorant. One with tractor beams and salvagers. I'll give ratting a try. The scannable sansha places in highsec seem potentially quite profitable! So, now to pummel some drones with my trusty Caracal missile boat. I'll report in later...

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