Saturday, August 8, 2009


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Sorry about the lack of updates. I have joined a corporation, Aseveljet, which entered faction war just as I joined. I haven't been able to tell you about the adventures without jeopardizing our position and strategy.

We have been basically just capturing "plexes" and attacking any enemy which crosses our path. I actually earned my first kill ever! Whee! My solo kill record remains zero still, thou.

Seeing that I am unable to do any solo mining during the FW, I decided to start an alt to kill some time with, while waiting for other corp members to come online. I went for a research alt. First I thought a research alt ment that I would make another character for researching BPO's. Apparently there's nowadays some agents to make some ISK even when there are no BPO's to research. Reading a guide gave me the impression that it will take me a good while to get the necessary skills for agent R&D.
I think now is a good time to play the tutorial!


  1. As long as you are careful about giving away exact details..such as exactly where you are basing out of, names of FCs, or future operations you should be fine. A conflict such as FW or the 0.0 alliances can provide a rich environment for blogging stories:)


  2. Anything that is in our public KB is naturally not secret anymore, i.e. it is pretty easy to deduce the constellation(s) were are now active in (ofc the HQ etc. are confidential still).

  3. interesting and amusing reading I must say
    see if you find anyhting cool on my blog, will be updated daily so keep checking back and I'll do the same you know the drill bai