Sunday, July 12, 2009

I'm a failure and quitter

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2009.07.12 18:41
Fizzl has resigned from the position of CEO with Contractors United. 
As their last move they appointed Peloton as CEO.
Well then. That experiment didn't last long. I guess the corporate assets will be auctioned off, proceeds shared with the remaining members and the corporation shall remain a shell of its former glory. That was an educational few days.

What did I learn?
Recruiting for a new corporation is bloody hard. It takes a lot of talking to convince a day old character to join your corporation. It's a lot of fun to do stuff together. If you actually try to do it, do it in secluded area and grow your might before trying to settle in to the heat of Jita. There are lot of people trying to tear you down if you try to be clever. Being clever does not get you far. Shutting up and walking away is more efficient. Do not get stuck in one system. Spread you assets around immediately, so you have an alternative place to move if you get waredec'd.
But one thing I still stand for: Do not fucking pay ransom money to pirates! Not even if the demands are reasonable. Give them an inch, and you may aswell give your arm!

The reason for my resignation is not all because of the wardec. I only got into fights twice. It's mostly because I realized running a corp requires a lot of time, coordination and systematical thinking. I have little of the first, none of the second and the third will be focused on my RL job starting tomorrow, now that my vacation ends. It was great to have a taste of what it takes to try and run a corp. It was fun, but demanding. I can only imagine the burden on the shoulders of those who run corporations with hundreds of members and some kind of reputation to hang on to.


  1. You took it upon yourself to try and build a corp where many people would simply wander around looking for someone else to do all the work, I respect that.

    And, well...your right, Eve is a harsh universe. Its part of the challenge though. That willingness to take on responsibility will serve you well no matter what corp you join!

  2. It was a great time playing in you Corp and I hope we still stay in touch

  3. Unless you wander around in ospreys... not expecting people to immediately find you, due to player locator agents, and then your exact locations in the belts with un-corped alts that I warp to through quick fleet joining.

  4. Well, TBH, I didn't expect anyone to actually try and find us.