Sunday, July 12, 2009

Low quality canine

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I guess The Mutt didn't get the memo, that his CEO withdrew the wardec. Got shot down at my pigeon hole in Jesoyeh. I guess I should have selected some place which I haven't spoken off in the blog.

Surely he was fair to tell me he just didn't see it and told me I'm free to pick up my stuff. I smelled a rat and warped near my stuff, but far enough. Ofcourse he was there, waiting for me. Durn, a fast handbreak turn and back to station. Guess it's time to move, again.

My "dickheads" folder in the buddies tab is getting larger than the "friends" folder. A sign of bad times.

It seems to me EVE is much more brutal these days. Everyone wants to be a bad ass griefer/pirate. Back in 2004 I don't recall anyone causing any trouble. Everyone was eager to help each other out and griefing was frowned upon. Well, gotta move with the times, I guess.

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