Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Po came!

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I was again mining in yet another pigeonhole. Po Plug actually came around. Unfortunately I didn't anything to fight with. Only my mining Osprey and an Indy in the hangar. He was very impatient and left the system within five minutes. I checked the local market, bought a *beep* and headed for Jita to buy *beep* *beep* four *beeps* and two *beeps*.
I saw Po camping my exit gate, outside, but he missed me in my pod. I told him that he missed me and he responded by loggin out. I only asked for an hour to setup!

Anyway. Now I have been mining in Muvo again, waiting for war targets to come buzzing around. Ocassionally checked Jita, but seen no reds. I heard that Sam actually managed to blow up Po's muscle mans 200M battleship with *cough* some help *cough*. Anyway, that made my day. I have now lost perhaps 16M worth of items in the war, Sab lost a 7M retriever. I'm happy to lose a couple of more ospreys and *beep*s,

While starting in Muvo, I found out that most of the GSC:s were full already. Sab 'fessed up that he forgot some ore floating around. I sternly told him that unfortunately they were left too close to a fire hydrant and the ore would be towed to the nearest CUX office for misappropiation.

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