Sunday, July 12, 2009

Slow day

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Today I have been pigeon holing in my secret hideout and mining. Half of the materials for my battleship collected.

Sab left us to join his IRL friends corp. Sam left for greener pastures, perhaps tired of being the only one brave enough to stay and defend our HQ in Muvo. Mark was perhaps intimidated because of the war. He didn't leave yet but I assume he files his resignation soon.

Ohmy, my glorious corporation is falling into pieces around me! Hmm, no matter. I guess I'll transfer it to my alt when everyones gone and find myself a nice corp of my own.

I haven't seen Po online. I would have loved to try out my ECM/Neut blackbird setup on him. I guess this war is going stale with no-one from CUX buzzing Jita/Muvo.

Well, it was a fun experiment. I made acouple of friends and couple of enemies.

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  1. even though I left I'll still be there to play with you guys! If your new Corp ever frees you up let's hang out and make some cash and maybe blow shit up sometime.