Thursday, January 31, 2013

Raven Navy Issue

I'm thinking about aiming for Raven Navy Issue. 600k LP. It takes me about 90 minutes on average to run one mission. I seem to get about 4000 LP per mining mission. I can run maybe 2 minutes per evening on weekdays, 4 on saturday and sunday. Let's do some mathemagics:

600/4 = 150 mission runs.
150*90 = 225 hours
5*2+2*4 = 18 runs per week
150/18 = 8.3 weeks.

Now, let's add the 50% bonus from mining connections:

600/6 = 100
100*90 = 150 hours
100/18 = 5.5 weeks

Ok, first of all. Yeah, I think I'll max Mining Connections. Second, it is not realistic for me to work diligently for weeks and weeks to actually stay on target. It's a game, not a job. So lets triple -- and -- then some the time. Lets say 16 weeks.

Yeah, four months. And I don't even have any idea what I want to do with the Raven.

So, don't expect anything interesting from me in the following weeks. I'm off farming LP!

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