Thursday, January 31, 2013


Yesterday, I did some more Mining IV missions. I think I got this down now. It now takes me about 75 minutes to do one standard mining IV mission if it happens to be in the same system. One jump ads about 5-10 minutes.  I also now have all the gear to mine ice and gas too, if required. (Which, it is, according to my googlefu.)

I browsed the LP store out of curiosity. I didn't really have anything in mind which I would like to buy. Waaaaidaminit, what is this? "Mining Connections". I could get 50% more LP from these missions???Count me in! Injected and queued to III, in front of the queue. I wonder if these percentages are cumulative also.

So, as many of you might also have -- I too had all my crap distributed all over the sandbox. Luckily, I have done this cleanup quite regularly in the past, so it wasn't terrible. Everything was in hisec and reachable through carebear space. I analyzed the map and did some poking around with the route jump counts.

Instead of one huge route, I decided to make two runs.

  1. Take my speedboat with Overdrive Injectors and MWD. Run through all the systems, where I have low value, or easily sell-able (sp?) stuff. Zip through the 70+ jump list on autopilot while cooking dinner. Sell/reprocess all the stuff I absolutely do not want, and bring back anything small and valuable that I can fit in my speedboat.
  2. 50+ jump list, where my first stop is at my extra badger. Once I got to the badger, I packaged up my speedboat and put it in the badger. After this, I went through the remaining systems and collected the most valuable items into my badger, selling stuff on the way if I had to. Finally make my way back to my home system and purged all stuff on the floor. 

Well, then. As you can imagine, now I have fuck ton of shit on the floor of my home station. I need some station containers. Good thing they only cost WHAAAAAA!!! 10M a piece near here. Ok, fuck it, I guess I can wait a bit. People always want to get rid of their station containers when moving. I set up a buy order for 50k/piece, for 5 pieces, which is 10x better than anything in the system, and set it to 2 jumps. Already got one during the day today.

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