Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Taking the Inventory

So, lets see. Client is installed. I got to mine a bit yesterday and this morning. Actually remembered to insure by Hulk before undocking.

Time to check what do I own:

Cash: 30M


Badger Mark II
Loaded with warp core stabilizers, afterburner, scanner and shield booster. I guess this is some sort of survivalist hauler for exploration.

ECM, warp scrambler, stasis webifier, energy neutralizer. Missile launchers. I guess this is for harrassing potential rifters. No matter. As my loyal readers may know, I have just one victory in my name and several, like, tens of lost ships.

Shield tank. Light missile launchers. Level 1 mission boat maybe...

Overdrive Injetor System II, 1MN MWD. Apaprently to get from point A to point B really really fast.

Shield tank. 'Malkuth' Heavy missile launchers. Another mission missile boat I suppose.

WTF is this thing? Was this some novelty ship given as gift? Too lazy to look it up now. :)
Not fitted.

Ooh! My pride and joy! Extended cargo hold II's, Survey Scanner II, Modulated Strip Miner II's. Even rigged with Medium Cargohold Optimizations.

Heh, I wonder...
Warp core stabilizer, Survey scanner, after burner, shield extender. Miner II x 3, Core Probe Launcher. I can't remember how exploration really works. Maybe this is a cheap ship to try and sneak some high value minerals out of worm hole space.

Hodge-podge of cargo space, shield tank, missile launchers and Gas Cloud Harvesters. I'm sure I had some kind of idea what the hell this is supposed to be. No idea anymore.


Nothing too exciting. Mining crystal blueprints. Missile blueprints. Apparently mostly stuff I can use myself. No researched blueprints. Just your bog standard stuff.

Apart of half a million stash of Mexallon, I don't seem to have any reserves. I wonder what that was. Maybe just an expired sell offer.

Interestingly, I don't seem to have a cleaner/salvager for missions at all. I wonder what happened. I need to build one. I recall the salvaging business was quite lucrative.

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