Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Fitted a new hauler

It was a quiet night. At 1:30. I had just completed a LVL IV mining mission, which took a bit more time that I thought.
I wanted to check my standing with the agent and accidentally clicked 'request mission'. Well, obviously, I was screwed. If I was in my full mental capacity, I would have just thought "Oh, well. I'll just do this tomorrow." But no! I was in an already half sleep moronic state and thought: "I must finish this mission NOW, lest the agent thinks I'm a pussy or something!"
An so I warped to the mine field, eh, mining field... What do you call these?
Anyway... Shit! The mining node is 50km from the warp-in-point. You know how fucking fast a hulk is? Not fucking fast at all. I did some mathemagics on my trusty windows calculator, and figured it will be stupid-o-clock before I'm done with this.
I made a swift, sleep deprivation induced decision: I need a hauler. I need it fast and I need it here. I was lucky thou! The hull and all the fittings were in this and the next system! Or I already had them. A bit of clickety click, and I was down 22M!
After I had mined the whole rock into cans, I docked, evolved into my egg shape and retrieved the new hauler!
(Here would be a screenshot, lest I was writing this on my phone on the buss, on my way to work -- a bit late and tired.)
New ship:
Badger Mark II
Cargo extender IIs, Cargo rig Is, salvager, tractor beam, 10MN afterburner.
I think she will serve me nicely. I need to get some shield extenders and damage dampeners as an alternative to the after burner. Thou I'm not sure if that makes an iota of difference if I get ambushed at a gate.
Also, the comission was kind enough to promise me half a meg if I accidentally blow it up.
Anyway, like and favourite! Wait, no, this isn't youtube. :)

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