Monday, April 29, 2013

Jali Tanaka

Bank Security - The Fence 

Simple courier mission. Pick up, deliver.

Bank Security - Bug Error

Need to get Broken Bug Device. Apparently these drop off of Dyklan Harrikar in Sakkikainen - Contested Kazka Headquarters. I don't know where exactly there, but we are about to find out.

Uh oh... The complex is empty of other players. Well, crap. I can't really take it alone in this Caracal. Happily enough, because of some business dealings, involving a credit card and PLEX, I have come to some money. I think it is time to fit myself a Caracal Navy Issue! Just the hull costs 67M, but, meh,. Time to upgrade my Stinger MKII to Stinger MKIII!

I hope this bastard carries me until I get the skills for Tengu.

Aaaand this isn't enough either. They just spawn too fast! I guess I'm fucked. You know what? Fuck it. Buying this piece from a contract for 10M and skiping to the next one. 

If you know from which of the gates this drops, please post it to the comments below, so others doing these missions can find the information!

Bank Security - The Safe

Simple delivery mission again. Nothing fancy. Either 12 jumps through losec or 32 jumps through hisec. 
You know what? I'm not going to fuck this up. I think I'll just choose the safe route! :)

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