Monday, June 24, 2013

Aisha Gojivi

Nefarious Business - A Small Favor

Courier mission. You need an industrial for this. Luckily there was a Badger MKII in the system for sale when I did this. 
Required capacity: 5000m^2

Nefarious Business - Songbird

You need to kill a guy at the Contested Mining thingie. It was quite easy in a Tengu, but I'm pretty sure I could have not done it in a Frig. You could probably just target the actual target, but I ended up killing most of the place before getting to the actual meat of the mission.

Nefarious Business - Friendly Competition

Very easy. Just kill the 3 boats waiting for you and head back. 

Nefarious Business - Texas Scramble

Again, a courier mission. Just a piece of paper. But! This mission might take you to low sec, so beware! For me, luckily I got a hi-sec system just next door.

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