Monday, June 24, 2013

Yru Hatamei

We will start at Ishisomo, Rusty Ridge Mine

Those Bastards!

Simple courier mission. Just a piece of paper to Friggi.

Got Milk?

And next, you, a battle hardened space pilot, may deliver a jug of milk. Not at all demeaning.

Ancient Weaponry 

And off to the contested refinery we go again! Apparently we need some sort of Ancient Weapon from there. So, jump through to Airmia and thend to the contested refinery. Kill everything on your way and jump to the Scordite field. Kill the stuff that is on your way and blow up the silos. I got my Ancient Weapon from the first one. I destroyed two more silos to see what else is there. More Ancient Weapons! So, I guess it drops from each Silo.

Training Ground Destruction 

We need some Guristas Outlaw Dogtags. Yru suggests we go back to the refinery and hunt down these guys there. Well, I guess. My sources say these can be best found in the Plagioclase field. Kill the outlaw spawn until you have what you need. This took me just two spawns.

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