Thursday, September 12, 2013

Arvo Watanen

This quest chain starts in Otitoh, Devils Dig Site. You will need 250m^3 of cargo space to complete this mission chain.

Artifact Excavations - Food for the Needy

You need to bring 500 frozen food for Arvo. Just buy it from a nearby system and return.

Artifact Excavations - Tools in Short Supply 

Easy courier mission. Get 50 Research Tools from Sakkikainen and return to Arvo.

Artifact Excavations - Bandits Beware

So, for this you will need a Makele's Tag. The target is Makele Kordonii, who can be found at Planet 6, Moon 2 in Otitoh. Just get rid of the couple enemies at the jump gate and head in. When I got in the place was heavily contested. I found a wreck of Makele in the very opposite end of the field from the warp in. I went to orbit said wreck and waited for about an hour. I kept cleaning all the spawns, but yet, when Makele spawned, so spawned about 20 of his friends. Marauders, drifters and bandits.

Bandits web and scramble! Be prepared! They are also really hard to kill. I suggest trying to ambush this spawn from a distance, instead of flying straight into the cloud of enemies like I did.

Well, I got the tag in the end! 

Artifact Excavations - Final Blow

You need 25 bandit spurs for this. These drop in the same place as the last mission: Otitoh, Planet 6 - Moon 2. If you looted everything from the last missions, you might already have all of these.
The bandits at the entrance do not drop these. You have to go in the gate.

I'm not sure which enemies to kill. But the Demolisher Wrecks seem to drop the Bandit Spurs

Artifact Excavations - Deliver the Special Report

Finally, we need to deliver a Data Sheet to Sakkikainen.

My reward: 1 x Medium 'Lone Ranger' Shield Booster Blueprint (3 runs, copy, material level: 15, productivity level: 6)

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