Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Midoki Urigamu

You can find this agent at Sakkikainen, Settlers Waystation.
Before you start this quest chain, you might want to get a hauler. You will need at least 4900m^3 cargo space to complete this quest chain.

Pit Stop Slash Saloon - Need A Helping Hand 

Get some Construction workers from Otela and drop them off to at Sakkikainen. You will need 300m^3 of space.


Pick up some Large Crates of Construction blocks from attached system Ishisomo.  You need 4900m^3 of cargo space to complete this mission.

My reward: 1 x 'Gambler' Phase Inverter Blueprint (5 runs, copy, material level: 15, productivity level: 6)

Pit Stop Slash Saloon

You need to get 60 construction tools for Midoki. You can find these at the Urigamus Warehouse in Otitoh. Just warp into the beacon, clear out the enemies and open the warehouse container. When I got there, there were 100 pieces of the tools in the container. Now, for me the size of the tools is slightly annoying, because my combat ship cannot carry that much stuff. So I first need to go to Otitoh in my Tengu , loot the things, store them in a station and then go make a round trip to fetch them.
If you figure out a more efficient way, please comment.

My reward: 1 x Ocular Filter - Basic

Pit Stop Slash Saloon - Eliminate The Competition 

When you jump to the target area, there are three groups of enemies. Because I didn't know how they would react if I just go shooting at the pleasure gardens, I went quite close to each group and eliminated them one by one. Some webbing ensued. Once you destroy the Gardens, a loot container will spawn. It contains 10 janitors. No idea if there's any use for these.

My rewards: 
1 x Medium 'Lone Ranger' Shield Booster Blueprint (3 runs, copy, material level: 15, productivity level: 6)
1 x Zainou 'Gnome' Shield Operation SP-905

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