Monday, September 16, 2013

Hitami Magye

Warning: Requires travel through Low Sec.

You will need a voucher from the previous mission! So do it first!

This starts in Otomainen, Rush Town Ruins.

Mercantile Settlers - Confirmation For Your Good Intentions 

You should have 1 x Utrainen's Employment Voucher (1,0 m³) from previous mission. Just hand it over.

Mercantile Settlers - Jorek Lephny

Take the gate nearby to "The Otomainen V Mining Operation". Watch out for the buggy collisions with the station!

Go straight for the Jephny! Kill him and dispatch of the webbing drones. Loot and scoot!
Markus shield tanks pretty hard. No need to bother with him.

My Reward: 1 x 'Undertaker' Heavy Missile Launcher

Mercantile Settlers - To The Health Clinic 

Warning: Requires travel through Low Sec. As a bonus, you need to dock to a Low Sec station, which means you will be a sitting duck if there's anyone there.

You will now need to take Jorek Lephny to Otanuomi. I was actually so scared of doing this in my expensive Tengu, that I visited by Jita and fitted a bit cheaper blockade runner. I also aimed for > 1000m^3 space, because I know we need to soon haul that into low sec.
Check the setup here: Blockade Runner

My visit went smoothly. No one was there and I could safely drop off the patient.

Mercantile Settlers - Laser Shortage

Go buy some Miner II's and bring them back. 

My reward: 1 x 'Deuce' Co-Processor I

Mercantile Settlers - Outlaws 

You need to get 40 Outlaw Spurs. These can be found, again, in Otitoh VI - Moon II. Return these, and you will get:

1 x Ancient Treasure Map

Hold onto this map. It will be used later.

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