Monday, September 16, 2013

Akira Helkelen

Warning: Requires LowSec travel.

Warning: Minimum required cargo space: 1000m^3

I suggest you build some kind of blockade runner. For example, get a badger, fit a cloaking device and a 10MN Afterburner.

Then learn the Cloak Trick.

This whole mission chain is a cluster fuck. You have to hop back and forth between places, switching ships and shit. All while dodging gate camps in low sec. I think the developer responsible for this was just a sadist.

A Mad Scientist's Dream - Payment 

Again a mission where you have to drop off stuff to a low sec station. Be careful. Check that there is minimal traffic in the system. 

Hold onto the passcard you get. If you complete the mission in the station, don't forget to pick it up before leaving.

A Mad Scientist's Dream - Simple Microorganisms

You need to get 400 x Potent Viral Agent (200,0 m³). These can be found in Tsuna's Private Compounds in Otomainen. There will be four spawn spots. Two of them contain battle ships. Stay away from the battleship, and dispatch of the smaller ones. 

After this, go next to the Science Lab and blow it up. It will spew out a cargo container containing everything you need.

A Mad Scientist's Dream - Transportation

Buy a shuttle and bring it to Akira. I'm not sure if you can just drive it there and pop out of it, or do you have to haul it. I took my hauler and did it with that.

A Mad Scientist's Dream - The Drill 

Now we need Drill Parts. Get your fighting ship, but make sure you have at least 400m^3 of cargo space available. Use the gate next to the agent to go to "The Otomainen V Mining Operation".
Position yourself next to the Lephny's Mining Post and blow it up. Pick up the parts and scoot!

A Mad Scientist's Dream - Last Hindrance

And finally he asks you to get rid of that one red guy has been buzzing about. Kill the nearby Ratei Jezzor and get his insignia. He will initially shield tank quite heavily, but I was able to get him down with mere 220dps.

My reward: 1 x Social Adaptation Chip - Basic

You will also receive a "Neophite". Hold onto it. We will probably need it later.

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