Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Ryoke Aura

Mission starts in Otitoh, The Diamond Ace Den
You will need the Neophite from Akira Helkelen.

Wrongfully Accused - Prove Your Worth (1 of 4)

Just give him the Neophite you got from another mission.

My bonus reward: 1 x Small 'Settler' Shield Booster Blueprint (2 runs)

Wrongfully Accused - Who Shot the Sheriff (2 of 4)

Sheriff can be found at Planet VII - Moon 5.
The are not red, but kill them nevertheless. Loot the corpse from the wreck and you are done.

My bonus reward: 1 x 'Poacher' EM Ward Field Blueprint (2 runs)

Wrongfully Accused - The Cloaking Device (3 of 4) 

Go buy a Prototype Cloaking Device I. They are like 1.5 - 3.0M in the system, so no problems there.

My reward: 1 x 'Posse' Adaptive Invulnerability Field Blueprint (2 runs)

Wrongfully Accused - Last Hindrance (4 of 4) 

Go to Ihakana gate in Otitoh. Nearby, there is a band of bandits and within them Bai Tarziki. Kill them all. The bandits web and scram heavily. 
Loot Bai's corpse and you are done.

Reward: You will get the Neophite back.

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