Sunday, December 8, 2013

Mintu Oshima

Starts in Otitoh, The Diamond Ace Den.

Hidden Treasure - The Treasure Map (1 of 4) 

You will need Ancient Treasure Map from Hitami Magye.

Hidden Treasure - Retrieve The Keycard (2 of 4)

You need to pick up Oshima's System Scanner from a station in the same system. 
Cargo space needed: 800m^3

Hidden Treasure - Retrieve The Keycard (3 of 4)

We need to find a Kepheur's Keycard. This can be found in Contested Kazka Headquarters in Sakkikainen. The keycard is dropped from Tao Pai Motow
Once at the headquarters, use the gate to Kazka Asteroid Cluster.

Tao Pai is quite easy and only 4 of the nearby ships aggroed with him.

Hidden Treasure - Find The Gallente Fortune (4 of 4)

Deadspace fight mission. Just warp into the location and fight your way through it.

All ships with "Strain" in their name war+scramble.

Stage 1:
There are four pockets of enemies, just kill them one pocket at a time.

Stage 2:
Five pockets of enemies. Same thing. Kill them one pocket at a time.

Stage 3:
4 pockets of enemies. There is one pocket right at the warp-in, so be prepared

Stage 4:
4 pockets of enemies. Biggest pocket right at the warp in.

Stage 5: 
One pocket with quite hard enemies and the the named; Tara. There is also a loot container. Get Tara's DNA from the container and Tara's Insignia from his wreck and you are done.

My reward: 1 x 'Noose' Cruise Missile Launcher Blueprint (2 runs)

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