Monday, July 6, 2009


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Yesterday was busy!

After doing some missions and breaking my Cormorant to a too-bloody-hard-for-a-frig-mission-use-only-frig-mission my mining pal came online. I met him couple of jumps away with my hauler and started hauling his ores to whoever paid the most. After only one full jetcan, my new recruit came online. He seemed so enthusiast to start doing something, I had to leave the hauling for another day and meet the recruit.
I explained how I'd like to have the stuff organized in the corp hangar. After a brief chit chat, we took our ospreys and headed for the belts. We mined two whole jetcans of stuff! I took my Globetrotter out and hauled all the ore to the hangar floor. My new recruit, (We shall call him Vladimir from now on), was quite handy at refining. Better than me! He refined the ore and we browsed the local market for best price. 8 jumps away was suprisingly enticing offer! I set the coordinates and prepared to get on my journey when I noticed an alarming thing: The end point was in lowsec! Damn. I took out my map and relized it very well might be a trap. There were lots of ships destroyed in the target system, even in last 30 minutes.
I expressed my concerns to Vladimir, but the offer seemed too good to pass. He jumped out of his ship and decided to scout ahead in his plane pod! What a crazy person!
Luckily only the end system was losec, so we quickly jumped the first 7 systems and Vladimir jumped ahead into the target.
"Safe!", he announced. I excitedly jumped in and set my coordinates immediately to the station we were headed to.
"N-NNOOOOO!", Vladimir cried.
I realized that the station could be trapped!
And then.... All of the sudden...

The station was safe. I docked, sold and split the money. Cool 5.5M from one mining trip. Not bad.

We made our way back to the Corp HQ (Ooh... I love saying that -- Corp HQ. Let's dock to the Corp HQ, The ore is in the Corp HQ Hangar), and pondered what to do next.

Vladimir was going to start producing some ammo. We had just sold all our Tritanium thou, so I decided to go mine some Veldspar. Vladimir soon joined me. It started to be evening in the US I guess. The wankers were crawling from under their rocks. Someone can flipped us very soon. There was considerable gritting of teeth from Vladimir, but I told him to keep his cool. This guy was in a Moa. What he's gunna do with the ore, eh? Put it in the trunk?
I told Vladimir to keep on mining. I went and took out my hauler. Decisively I started oribiting the flipped can, trying to make sure the dickhead in a Moa understood what I was after. I told Vladimir to warp to next belt and start mining. I'll dance with this guy untill he realizes this is going nowhere.
It took perhaps 15 minutes, before the Moa driver gave up and warped away, perhaps to flip Vladimirs new can. I looted the can and headed home. It actually was only perhaps 5000m^3 of ore, but it's a matter of principle damnit!

A New recruit joined us! Let's call her Stinky. After I had waited away my combat cooldown I fitted a caracal (Which I got as a donation from a reader btw, check out the comments of previous post!) with 2 miner II's, some missiles and some drones. I wen't to hower over my minions to scare off any potential offenders. But after only an hour or so, we had a guest again! This wasn't the Moa driver. This was actually the one who blew up my previous Osprey! Arrogantly he flipped the can. God damnit... I knew this guy warp scrambles and lock scrambles, so I wasn't prepared to take on him with 2 drones and 3 missile launchers, without a tank, with no way to escape. I decided to do the same thing I did with the Moa driver. I took out my hauler.
This guy was persistent thou. It took considerable time before he warped out. I took what I could, but the damn confirmation dialog for ninja looting was nagging so that I only got perhaps 70% of the ore before The Drifter of Doom was targetting me. I got safely out. I wanted to try if I could get the rest of the ore back.
I threw out one cargo expander and replaced it with a warp core stabilizer. I warped in and before I could say "damn ham in a can batman!", the rifter got a lock and attempted to warp scramble me. Lucliky he was unsuccesfull. I safely turned around my behemothian Badger and warped home. I told Vladimir and Stinky, that I was going to sleep, split the loot, etc, etc.
Not so fast! I recalled we did one more thing before I went to sleep. I was a bit pissed off at this guy, so I wanted to try and take on him. Vladimir wanted to join! Vladimir fitter his osprey with something. I loaded my Caracal with rockets, warp core stabilizer, inertia dampener, lock scrambler and something else I can't recall. We were after some blood!
We jumped to the first belt, then to the second and to the third. I checked local and saw that, rather anticlimatically, our nemesis had left the system :(
I told Vladimir and Stinky, that I was going to sleep, split the loot, etc, etc.

Wow! That was a long post. Well, I told you I was busy yesterday!

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