Tuesday, July 7, 2009


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Today was rather quiet. Just some humble toiling with the rocks, and laying down more GSC's.

Our corp now has the whole of Muvo pelted with secure cans. Take that you can flippin' bastards! Muahahaha!

Yesterday, we got yet more members. We mined and chatted for a long while. We made about 15M ISK from the operation. Not bad at all!
Not everything went so smoothly thou. We decided to take on a can flipping rifter again. This time I was very optimistic about it. I had Caracal with full missile setup. I threw in an ECM and WCS. We attacked, the rifter turned to flee, and I was unable to stop him. He was back with a friend shortly. How cowardly! I told the fleet to flee, as someone uncloaked next to us!
Me and stinky managed to warp. I realized we could not dock, so couple of quick warps later, I had set up a safe spot. We camped there with Stinky and heard bad news from one of the miners, Sab. He's Retriever was blewn to smithereens. Bugger, another loss for CUX.
Only thing I could retaliate with, was to reveal to local the rifters loadout, which I had acquired earlier with my miners ship scanner. There was a bit of raging and baawing and "LOL the noob thinks scanner gives a full loadout". I felt a bit kiddy. I had managed to piss him off, even if just a little bit =)

We switched to GSC mining. The rifter buzzed us thorough the night. I guess he's really bored.

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