Friday, July 10, 2009

Another wardec!

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Wow! We are obviously a menace to the society. How else can you explain TWO wardecs in one day?

2009.07.10 09:23
McKennan Clan has declared war on Contractors United.
Within 24 hours fighting can legally occur between those involved.
Like every man in a war, I have my adrenalie pumped. Anxiously waiting for the battle to start. I have my weapon. I have the courage. I have the capacity! We will not fail! Victory shall be ours!
Follow me my minions. Glorious we shall orbit the wreckage of our fallen enemy, hear the lamentations of their woman and cry of their children! Onwards my brave soldiers! Onwards and into the battle!
Ein volk! Ein reich! Ein F├╝hrer!

Sorry, I sometimes get carried away like that.


  1. I'm enjoying your blog. You may want to consider moving to a less croweded area for mining, if the wardecs and can flippers are becoming a hassle. Check out Derelik. the market is not as good, but your close to Rens which isn't bad. Just don't buy any skillbooks down there, good to Illinfrik (or something like that) to pick up those. Good luck in the war!

  2. I must say that that i enjoy reading your blog (its extremely amusing.) Like Von said, you should defiantly move somewhere less crowded for mining, even if the ore prices are a bit lower. I mine in a system (srry, secret location) that generally has 5-10 people and I usually only get can-flipped about once for every 20 trips. If you do insist on mining in a crowded system, however, then make sure u carry 4 or 5 light drones to fend off any frigate or destroyer that can-flips you. Its really not worth going after cruisers though.

    If you haven't read the Complete Miner's Guide by Halada, you can read it here:'s_Guide_by_Halada

    BTW, kernite is better to mine that veldspar. Though you only mine a twelfth as much per cycle, kernite sells for about 15 times more.

    ....and speaking of the war.......
    ...........good luck..............

  3. Also, DO NOT refine the kernite, you will only lose money