Saturday, July 11, 2009

We are officially at war

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Well then. 21:32, EVE time, we are now officially at war.
I was excitedly camped in the HQ station, waiting for our nemesis to roll their monstrous war machine at our gates.

21 minutes...

3 minutes...

10 seconds



I feel like a teenage girl after losing her virginity: "Uh? That was it then, huh?"

Local did not light up red. Our enemies did not arrange a well organized fleet to challenge us. Intead, I haven't seen Po Plug for the whole day. What a shame.
I guess I'll go back to mining. I'm sure Po has some good excuse for standing us up like that. How Rude!

What I am most worried about, is my Minmatar Minister of Defence. Sam already got all pumped up for war! What the hell am I going to do now!? You know how minmatar get when they have been denied their fun? Now I have to find something for him to chew on, lest he bites my hand off...

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  1. I can pretty much guarantee that you wont be seeing a monstrous, intimidating fleet organized into rows of battleships...but you might want to watch your back when your mining.