Friday, December 17, 2010

SP spent. Some mining.

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I met up with my co-workers finally. They had found an awesome hi-sec mining spot. There was tons of Omber, Kernite and Jaspet available. We mined for couple of hours. There were 4 of us mining and one dedicated hauler. Things went smoothly and dissapointingly nothing amazing happened, so I do not have a great tale of failure to tell.
My friends have a corp of their own, but I still prefer my own one man [CUX]. Perhaps I start planning trying to get some miners again to join me!

I also already spent my SP I got back from the Learning skills. I decided to use them towards Hulk skills. I am still eight days short of Barge V, but everything else is set up.
No matter, I only have 30M ISK anyway, so I still need to mine quite a bit to realize my Hulk. I'd also would like to get a Raven, which is another damn expensive ship.

I'm in no hurry with the raven thou. I have no use for it yet, as I can only access LVL1 missions and my killboard tells me I should stay the fuck out of PvP! =)
I decided to start grind my standings. First agent I had in my contacts was a Caldari navy one. I took my nearest Caracal and pummeled some droids for a few hours.
I thought perhaps it would be a good idea to concentrate on one specific corp. DCM was my newb corp, so I thought that would be a natural choice. And so I googlded a bit to figure out how to find an agent I want.
Man this game is confusing, if you are too lazy to go through the tutorial. Took me a while to figure out how to browse to Caldari alliance. From there to Deep Core Mining. To the agents page and finally figure out which one would give me missions I want.
I think I'll run quick combat missions from Security untill I get to lvl II or LVL III agents. After that, perhaps the mining missions would suit me?

Oh, righto. I checked if my neural map is sane. Well, it was pretty damn balanced. I had 3 neural remaps available, so I had a look at what I am going to learn next.
Seems that everything I want to learn in the near future requires only Perception/Willpower. I want ship skills and missiles. Therefor, I decided to do something insane! I mapped all my points to these two attributes! Yes, Everything else is at 17. I also spent half of my cash reserves on some implants.
This decision immediately cut a day and a half from my skill queue!

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