Tuesday, December 14, 2010

How to spend those skill points

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So, I've got 3.5M total SP, of which 1.3M is in the Learning skills.

Re-spending over third of my hard earned SP should not be something I take lightly. I have been trying to think what I'd like to do with my x-mas present.

Should I get the barge skills I contemplated earlier? According to my calculations, it would take 1.8M to get all the skills for a Hulk. But do I really want to chain myself to the relatively boring occupation of drilling? I know that in short term, this would be quite wise decision, as it would be steady and safe route to acquire ISK.

Would I like to sit in The Forge and twiddle with market orders all day? Head for Trade skills! Then again, as long time readers might know. I'm a clumsy oaf when it comes to optimizing my orders. I would probably end up losing all my ISK in one swift typo one day :)

How about looking into the far future and heading for Capital Ships? Meh, forget it. I might aswell learn those at the same time I save the ISK for the actual ship.

When I last left, I seem to have had some ambitions for Production. I have found it to be so complicated, that I'm not yet ready to start producing those huge excell sheets to calculate all the shit needed for profit.

And so we have come a full circle... I think I will invest everything towards Hulk skills. That is something which will benefit me immediately. With that I would be productive while waiting for those other ambitions.

Of course, the skillpoints won't expire. So one might consider sitting on them untill a day comes you really need to sring a new skill tree FAST! :D

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